Monday, 23 February 2015


The aim of this project is to engage in a shared exploration of the rituals that define ‘home’ you will participate in a client/designer relationship, as a dynamic source for the design of a personalised intervention to a room within a ‘standardised’ house.

This intuitive and experimental work will  provide cues as to the ways in which an abstract concept might be activated through the manipulation of objects, materials, space and experience. You will be introduced to conventions of representing your design process, to aid in the understanding of your project through drawing and modelling.


This project responds to aspects of puna. It examines the way that ideas are generated and developed, the negotiation of authorship and ownership and the relationships between creative practitioners, clients and communities.
Puna (wellspring or source) is understood in this context as the wellspring of ideas and knowledge. Ideas don’t just come from nowhere, but have their own whakapapa (lineage or genealogy) – from clients, from communities, from other designers and artists. In using and developing those ideas, we need to be aware of where they have come from, so we can contextualise and articulate through design and make in a conscious way.


You will be introduced to ideation processes of; drawing, modeling, looking, and thinking. These processes will enable you to design for someone else, a spatial intervention within a room informed by a selected ritual. You will learn how to read your design process and develop representation skills to express the narrative of transformation. You will develop a spatial concept by which to structure, understand, and give meaning to your design. To investigate spatial concepts to develop design ideas that explore space planning and inhabitation of domestic living.
How do we design for routines and rituals in relation to the body in the home? What effects do light and material have on space and how can you design using these? The project will be sited within a room located at no. 20 Wallace Street, Mt Cook Wellington.


What is a ritual to me?
  • making friends
  • being friendly 
  • family duties
  • morals
  • standard everyday things (brushing teeth, eating, sleeping etc) 
  • art
  • graffiti
  • insomnia
  • something you do all the time
  • moving a lot
  • excersise
  • gym

Something that has turned into a ritual for me or something that i am well known for is making new friends and being a friendly person. I love meeting new people and entertaining it makes me feel like everyone is happy and that i have a part in that. I have met so many people from all across the world within the past new years with moving a lot this is why i have incorporated the buildings into the drawing to show the different connections.